Mr Beards Story

This is our HomeServe story

“We got a leak in the loft
for Christmas.

“We’ve lived here 34 years. Came for the good schools, stayed for the peace
and quiet and friendly neighbours. Since our girls left home it’s just the two
of us and Suki the cat, though our little grandson pops round for tea every
The leak in the loft happened the day after Boxing Day. I was putting the
decorations away (a bit early I know) and noticed some damp patches around
the cold water tank. I called HomeServe and they ended up coming a couple
of times, because they wanted to find a replacement tank they could get in
without damaging the ceiling.
HomeServe go above and beyond every time we call. It’s real peace of mind,
knowing they’ll get the problem sorted, so we can get on with our lives.”
Mr Beards

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